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YTCT Excavator Hydraulic Lifting Magnet Crane Circular Lifter for metal

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  • Model number:YTCT
  • Fit to excavator weight (any brand):6-35TON
  • Weight :100-1000KG
  • Operating pressure:depend on excavator
  • Hydraulic oil flow :depend on excavator
  • Color:any color
  • MOQ:1
  • OEM :1
  • Product details:

    YTCT Excavator magnet Features:

    1. YTCT magnet is completely independent.

    The generator is installed directly onto the magnet. Once the hydraulic hoses are connected to the excavator, you are ready to work.

    2. Adopt manganese steel plate, high strength and wear resisting.

    3. Sturdy structure & compact design, light weight & big suction.

    4. Special processing for magnet coil, enhance the heat resistance of coil material, with long span life.

    5. Simple installation, easy operation, low failure rate, no noise, meet the requirements of environmental protection

    Outter Diameter mmØ700Ø1000Ø1200Ø1200Ø1500
    Machine Weightkg14001600180018602200
    Suitable Excavator ton6--910--1516--2516--2526--35
    Generator PowerKW0.610101515
    Working FlowIpm50-10090-110100-140100-140130-170
    Working Pressurebar180190200200210
    Lifting AbilitySlab Sheet≤ 1 ton1 - 2 ton3 - 4 ton3 - 4 ton4 - 6 ton
    Other Type Scraps≤ 100 kg100 - 200 kg150 - 250 kg150 - 250 kg175 - 275 kg

    YTCT Excavator Hydraulic Lifting Magnet Crane Circular Lifter for metal

    Hydraulic Excavator Magnet Lift
    Use hydraulic motors to drive electricity generation
    No additional instaiiation of generators is required, resulting in significant cost savings 

    YTCT Electric lifting magnet used on excavator, for sorting out steel scraps, is also referred as excavator magnet, or scrap magnet, scrap handling magnet, scrap yard magnet, junkyard magnet. Suitable for all steel scrap processing operations, like transferring cast ingots, steel balls and various kinds of steel scraps.

    Main Features of High sale cheap round scrap lift magnet for excavator: 1, using a fully sealed structure, good moisture resistance.

    2, optimized by computer design, reasonable structure, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption.

    3. Excitation coils are treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coils. The heat-resistance grade of the insulation material is up to Class C, the overall insulation of the suction cups is H-class and the service life is long.

    4. The rated electrification continuation rate of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from the previous 50% to 60%, which has increased the use efficiency of electromagnets.

    5. The high-temperature type electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method. The temperature of the sucked object is increased from the previous 600°C to 700°C, which expands the adaptability of the electromagnet.

    6, easy installation, operation and maintenance.

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