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YTCT Hydraulic Tree Shear Tree Cutter for Excavator

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  • Model number:YTCT
  • Fit to excavator weight (any brand):5-10
  • Weight :300
  • Operating pressure:/
  • Hydraulic oil flow :/
  • Color:Any color
  • MOQ:1 set
  • OEM :Available
  • Product details:

    Why use a Tree Shear?

    A Tree Shear is the perfect tool for utility tree clearance, sensitive thinning, biomass harvesting and the controlled felling of trees for road, rail or development site clearance.  


    Excavator tree shear

    ModelExcavator WeightBody WidthMax Opening Blade ThicknessMax Cutting DiameterWeight
    YTCTS2002-4 tons665 mm535 mmHB500 18mm200 mm200 kg
    YTCTS3005-10 tons825 mm585 mmHB500 20mm300 mm365 kg
    YTCTS35010-25 tons1080 mm825 mmHB500 20mm350 mm880 kg

    YTCT excavator tree shear is professional work tools and are primarily available for use on any excavator between 4 and 30 ton, as well as being adaptable to fit  skid steers. The tree shear attachment  tree lopper is becoming increasingly used in many forestry applications due to the time and money saving advantages it offers. 


      It is a single service attachment that works off your existing double acting hammer circuit. With one powerful hydraulic ram, this excavator tree shear is forgiving to imprecise alignment of the blade by the operator and consequently facilitates faster cutting.

    YTCT yantai chengtai excavator tree shear is one of the easiest tree shears to use on the market, with quick and easy alignment and a simple grab-to-cut action, the cutting cycle is rapid. Fitted with a bolt-on Hardox HB500 blade for an extra sharp cut with extended durability, this tree shear can cut through hardwoods of up to 200-350 mm in one motion.

    The cycle takes just seconds per tree and you can immediately move the tree out of the way and move on to the next. Aside from being one of the fastest tree shears on the market,YTCT is also one of the easiest to maintain. With fewer moving parts than other tree shear models there is both less to go wrong and less to look after. With a removable and replaceable Hardox HB500 blade, this excavator tree shear can also double as a hydraulic grab and is perfect for moving around timber, positioning telegraph poles or placing fence posts.

    The simple cutting cycle involves:
    1) Opening the grab,
    2) Lining up a tree,
    3) Pushing the blade in to the tree whilst closing the grab
    4) Placing the cut tree down to one side


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