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How to safely operate hydraulic breaker?

Release time:2021-12-10      Number of views :863

Stop working the hydraulic breaker, if hydraulic hoses vibrate excessively. 

Check the N2 gas pressure into accumulator & back head of hydraulic breaker.


Stop the hydraulic breaker operation as soon as the object is broken. 

If operation continued, idle blows, could result in excessive wear of major components, or parts damage such as inner bush or piston.


Do not use hydraulic breaker to move rocks with end of tool or with hydraulic breaker body.

Do not use tool as lever. Hydraulic breaker could be damaged at through bolt, tool, front head, inner bush and front cover.


Move impact point of object, if the object does not break within 30 seconds.


Do not use hydraulic breaker in water. 

Corrosion of hydraulic breaker, or non-lubrication, could result in further damage of the hydraulic components.

Under water kit must be installed when hydraulic breaker for working in water.


Do not use hydraulic breaker as hammering. 

Because of hydraulic breaker is much heavier than excavator bucket, such usage could result in damage of the front head or swing mechanism of the base machine.


Do not operate hydraulic breaker with boom or arm cylinders fully extended (bottomed out). 

This may result in hydraulic breaker shock, and damage to the base machine. 

Maintain 100mm cylinder stroke of base machine at least.


Do not curl the tool tip into arm or boom of base machine when travelling or parking carrier.


Do not strike in one spot for more than 30 seconds. 

If object does not break, stop breaking after than change the spot of object. 

Working too long in one spot will create excessive stone dust under tool. 

Dust dampens impact effect, and can be damage piston seal.


Never use hydraulic breaker as a transporter. This could result in tipping carrier, or damaging on base machine.


Operate the hydraulic breaker only to the front and rear of base machine. 

Do not use hydraulic breaker at either side of base machine. 

This may result in tipping excavator, or in damaging carrier swing device.


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