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YTCT hydraulic quick hitch coupler for excavator

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  • Model number:YTCT
  • Fit to excavator weight (any brand):4-6 ton
  • Weight :50-70kg
  • Operating pressure:30-400 kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic oil flow :10-20 l/min
  • Color:any color
  • MOQ:1 set
  • OEM :yes
  • Product details:

    YTCT Excavator Quick Coupler systems change work tools quickly and easily in a matter of seconds.


     Width mm150-250260-266265-283351-454450-483445-493543-572602-666
     Height mm225-270312318400512512-540585560-615
     Arm width mm82-180155-172181-205230-317290-345300-350345-425380-480
     Pins center distancemm95-220220-275290-350350-400430-480450-505485-530520-630
    Pin diametermm20-4540-4545-5550-7070-909090-100100-110
     Cylinder stroke mm95-200200-300300-350340-440420-510450-530460-560500-650
     Vertical pins center distance mm170-190200-210205-220240-255300320350-370370-380
     Working pressurekgf/cm²30-40030-40030-40030-40030-40030-40030-40030-400
     Necessary flow l10-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010-20
    Excavator (any brand )ton1-44-66-812-1618-2525-2626-3030-40

    what is hydraulic excavator quick coupler?

    YTCT Excavator quick coupler connection device

    also called quick-change, quick coupling, can quickly install and switch various configuration attachments (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, and expand the scope of use of the excavator. And save time, reduce labor intensity, and improve the efficiency of the excavator. It can be divided into two types: hydraulic quick change and mechanical quick change. This time we recommend an explosive hydraulic excavator quick coupler.

    The excavator quick coupler cylinder is expanded and contracted by the pilot oil of the excavator, thereby rotating the grapple hook to realize the connection and disassembly of the shaft. 

    below picture is YTCT hydraulic quick hitch coupler for any brand excavator 

    An electric switch is installed in the cab to facilitate the operation of the driver.


    Check valve

    Each oil cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic control check valve and a mechanical locking safety device to ensure that the quick connector can work normally when the oil circuit and the circuit are cut off. 


    Safety pin

    Each quick connector is equipped with a safety pin protection system to ensure that the YTCT excavator quick coupler quick connector can work normally in the event of a failure of the quick connector cylinder and play a "double insurance" role.

    quick coupler  (9).jpg

    excavator quick coupler.jpg



    inside with film .outside with export plywood box .

    excavator quick hitch (9).jpg

    YTCT hydraulic quick coupler is best, ideal, and suitable for all major excavator brands and sizes. The brand’s hydraulic quick coupler excavator is preferred by most excavator owners and operators because of its ease of use, tight lock, fantastic safety features, and rugged build. Since these hydraulic quick coupler types are versatile, they pair well with all attachment brands. 

    YTCT hydraulic quick coupler doesn’t require removing pins and excavator spare parts modifications. You’ll only need 10s to know the conversion between hammers and buckets. This tool is applied mainly in working environments requiring frequent attachment changes.  


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